Nick Julier

(Yacht Sales)


Nick Julier was raised into boating in Ventura County and continued his passion over the course of the past 4 years in Orange County, which is where he currently resides. The ocean became a true passion of his at a very young age when he lived 20 minutes from the Southern Californian coast and grew up fishing and boating on multiple family owned boats. Growing up, his father guided him through the responsibilities behind being a boat owner the details of the work it takes to maintain a boat properly. Pursuing his continued passion of the ocean and marine life, Nick received his Bachelor's Degree in Marine Biology and has since worked as a Scientist and Marine Biologist for several different firms located throughout California. He has been a boat owner himself and has 5+ years of boating experience as well as extensive environmental work. He also participates in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Association. Along with Nick's passion for boating and the ocean, Nick also has a passion for helping people and has utilized his charismatic and accommodating personality to effectively assist clients and coworkers in all of his prior work experiences. Continuing to pursue his passions of boating and helping people, Nick brings experience, dependability, and an ambitious professionalism to the Simon Yachts team.